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I am one of yours

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I am one of yours

I have been feeling for quite some time that things are not going well. And I know you feel it too, just like so many other people like you and me. Sometimes I even find it difficult to recognize my own country. I hardly see our people anymore. But how did we get here? When did we stop feeling at home in our own house? When did they start blaming you and me for everything bad that happens in the world, when all we have done is work?

When I was younger there were problems too, but things were different then. So I wanted to believe in the politicians that I knew, the same old ones, the ones I was supposed to trust. And they completely let me down. Since then, I have always done my best to change this situation; in which a few, very powerful people, have put us.

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I am one of yours

Some politicians and radical groups accuse us of being simple and foolish. They lie to us and threaten us with the opinions of their so-called experts. They tell us that we don’t understand the global world and that we are closed-minded when in fact we understand it perfectly and we say it loud and clear: politicians and international lobbies want to take away what we have fought for with our own sweat and blood. They want to tear down everything we have built for our families, our towns and our cities and give it to others. Those who insist on seeing normal people like you and me as a problem and not as the solution want to make us to pay the bills for their incompetence.

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I am one of yours

We have to put our people first. Our people, first. In a world with no respect for our traditions, without values and without order, who should we trust but ourselves? They think we are outdated. They feel ashamed of our customs when they are surrounded by their cultural elites. They despise the Christian roots of our civilization. They hate our traditions, but respect those of others above all else. They forget the teachings of our parents and grandparents. They defend as fanatics that men and women should hate each other, and they teach that to our children in our schools.


But we won’t let them get away with it. We have to put limits on these people. Normal people have to be freed from the burden of being from here. Our people are open-minded, generous and welcoming. We love to share with others, but in order to share we need one thing first: law and order.

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I am one of yours

We've seen the same story way too many times to be fooled by it again. The only way to achieve these common sense goals is to go out and speak out, without misleading people with empty words and flashy publicity stunts. I want to speak directly to you, without party apparatus and without patronage, without the hidden interests of radical lobbies and without the fake media only dedicated to spreading hatred and lies. With me things are clear and said face to face.

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I am one of yours

Unlike them, you and I come from the same place. I know your problems because they are also mine. And I have the solutions to them. Together we have the opportunity to propose an alternative for people like us, people you can feel comfortable with, people who defend our values, people with whom we are going to build our present and our future.

Follow me on this path that leads to a better, more prosperous, free and safe country. There is no other way and I can only walk it with you, hand in hand. At such a critical moment, it is time to fight together for this country that has given us so much. And only together will we succeed.
Join me in this movement.

I am one of yours

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