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Daniel Mayrit

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Mayrit began his career as early as 2001, when he was only 16 years of age. He went up and joined a local political party while making his way into university. Of humble origins, Mayrit fought hard to come up first of his class, winning him a scholarship for one of the finest universities in the country. 


After graduating in law and economics he started working as a broker for an international bank but that didn’t last for long since he quickly moved on to establishing his own successful trading firm. 


This however gave Mayrit the experience and first-hand information he needed to step up his career in politics. Knowing the system from within he soon realised it was rigged. A system run by the establishment and preventing those who work effortlessly from reaching to the top. 


He became a founder member of his own political movement in 2008 and set about campaigning across Europe, which led him to win a seat at the European Parliament less than one year after. At 24 he became the youngest ever MEP.


From his seat in Brussels he has fought day and night against the corrupt schemes of the European Union and its army of bureaucrats, joining forces with other key figures in the European political landscape such as Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini. 


In 2016, Mayrit was an international rising figure in the Brexit campaign. This same year he met the then Republican Presidential candidate Donald J Trump, whom he supported at several events on the campaign trail. Daniel Mayrit was one of the very few that predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential elections amid being dismissed as a fool in his homeland.


This 2020 Mayrit has set out to make his movement a global phenomenon with the goal of freeing every nation from the burden of the crooked elites, taking our countries back and fighting the enemies of the people anywhere and everywhere. 

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