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Born in Madrid, raised in the Internet. He graduated in Media Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. Then spent a couple of years in Copenhagen (Denmark) studying at the Copenhagen University prior to his moving to London (UK) where he  graduated in Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster. He moved back to Madrid after being awarded an scholarship for his MA Photography at EFTI Photography School.

Daniel Mayrit is a photography teacher at LENS Visual Arts School, in Madrid (Spain). He is also a visiting lecturer at EFTI (Madrid) and has given lectures ar Universidad de Navarra (Spain), Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), HKU Utrecht (Netherlands), KABK The Hague (Netherlands) and AKV-St. Joost Breda (Netherlands).

He writes a monthly column on photography, image and digital culture in Clavoardiendo Magazine.

He has also started a curating project focused on photography and new technologies for image making.

Currently based in Madrid


With the arrival, over a decade ago, of smartphones, social networks and an endless stream of new technologies related to the production and dissemination of images, these have achieved an exponential prominence in our lives. Today photography is not only what comes out of a camera, but it is also produced, replicated and distributed by the so-called machine-vision devices, from computer-generated images to those produced by security cameras or encrypted algorithms. In this environment of increasing photographic immersion, it is essential to develop mechanisms that allow us to understand how images operate, what new patterns of behaviour they generate and how they affect relationships between people and between them and the images themselves.

This is the field in which the work of Daniel Mayrit is framed, focused mainly on deciphering the codes through which photography and contemporary images operate, in order to expose and examine the power relations that they enable. This decomposition of the visual language is aimed at understanding why a certain system of representation conditions the meaning that the viewer extracts from an image and how we can problematise it and deconstruct it in order to offer new possible meanings. To this end, Mayrit usually appropriates not necessarily or exclusively existing given images, but the clichés and canons of a whole representational system with the goal of decomposing it into small pieces. These pieces can then be rearranged differently, using those same visual resources, turning the visual language upside down and launching a message in an opposite direction. It is therefore a matter of deconstructing and denaturalising visual codes that have been assumed and normalised by the viewers in order to highlight the power relations that operate within the images and between them and the viewers in order to challenge and question their preconceptions and expectations and to ultimately invite them to be critically aware of a given image discourse and agenda.




2013-2014 MA Photography - EFTI, Madrid (Spain)

2009-2012 BA Photographic Arts - University of Westminster, London (UK)

2007-2008 MA Media Sciences - University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

2003-2007 BA Media Sciences - Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain)

As a Curator

2020-onwards - Co-Director at FIEBRE Photobook Festival - Madrid (Spain)

2018 - 'Here I Live', MediaCongress '18, Hermitage Museum - Saint Petersburg (Russia)

2017 - 'UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD: Photography and the Internet', PhotoEspaña'17 - Madrid (Spain)

As an Artist

Selected Exhibitions

2018 - Umbria World Fest - Foligno (Italy)

2018 - "Modos de Mirar", Centro Conde Duque - Madrid (Spain)

2017 - Lianzhou Photography Festival - Lianzhou (China). CENSORED-NOT DISPLAYED

2017 - Voies Off Festival - Arles (France)

2017 - Athens PhotoFestival, Benaki Museum - Athens (Greece)

2017 - FIF Belo Horizonte, Museo Mineiro - Belo Horizonte (Brasil)

2017 - 'Esperando a Thoreau', Centro Cultural de España - Tegucigalpa (Guatemala)

2017 - 'Un Cierto Panorama. Reciente Fotografía de Autor en España' - Sala Canal de Isabel II, Madrid (Spain)

2017 - FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA Festival, 'Les Nouveaux Encyclopédistes',  Chiostri di S. Pietro - Reggio Emilia (Italy)

2017 - EMop Arendt Award - Luxembourg City (Luxembour)

2017 - 'Portraits sous surveillance' , MNHA - Luxembourg City (Luxembourg)

2016 - 'Authorised Images' PhotoEspaña ‘16 - Galeria CERO, Madrid (Spain)

2016 - 'Looking for the Clouds' (EMoP), MUSA - Vienna (Austria)

2016 - ‘Images of Power’ - Seen Fifteen Gallery, London (UK)

2016 - 'Art, Activism and Terrorism' - Konvent, Barcelona (Spain)

2016 - 'Show us the Money' - Fotomuseum, Antwerp (Belgium)

2016 - 'Strange and Familiar' - Barbican Art Gallery, London (UK) 

2016 - 'Consideracions d'un apolític', DocField - Nau Bostik, Barcelona (Spain)

2015 - Aperture Gallery - New York (USA)

2015 - Huis Marseille Museum voor Fotografie, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2015 - Paris Photo, 'Aperture First Book Award', Paris (France)

2015 - Noorderlicht Photofestival, 'Data Rush', Groningen (Netherlands)

2015 - FOTODOK Festival, '(No) Privacy', Utrecht (Netherlands)

2015 - 'Prix du Livre' - Les Ateliers, Arles (France)

2015 - Kassel Fotobook Festival - Documenta Halle, Kassel (Germany)

2015 - 'Best Photobooks of the Year' - National Library, Madrid (Spain)

2015 - Belfast Photofestival - Photo Park, Belfast (UK)

2015 - 'Everything is Politics' - IC Visual Lab, Bristol (UK)

2015 - Jääl Photo Fair - Madrid (Spain)

2014 - ‘Aqui y Ahora’ (Right Here, Right Now) - Blanca Soto Arte, Madrid (Spain)

2014 - PhotoEspaña, ‘Fotografía 2.0’ - Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid (Spain) 2014 - PhotoEspaña, ‘P2P, Contemporary Spanish Photography’, Madrid (Spain)

2013 - ‘Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed’ - The Photographers Gallery, London (UK)

2013 - PhotoIreland - Dublin (Ireland)

2012 - SCAN Festival - Tarragona (Spain)

2012 - Free Range - Old Truman Brewery, London (UK)

2011 - Foto8 Summershow - Host Gallery, London (UK)




2017 - Nominated Arendt Award '17 (Luxembourg)

2016 - Runner Up 'Portfolio Night'. CNA Dudelange (Luxembourg)

2015 - WINNER 'Aperture First Book Award'. Paris Photo (France)

2015 - Shortlisted 'Prix du Livre'. Les Rencontres d'Arles (France)

2015 - Nominated 'Photobook of the Year'. Kassel Fotobook Festival (Germany)

2015 - Shortlisted 'Best Photobook of the Year'. PhotoEspaña (Spain)

2015 - Finalist Premio Ojo de Pez 'Valores Humanos' (Spain)

2014 - Nexofoto Prize. Finalist (Spain)

2013 - Absolut Portfolios. Finalist (Spain)

2013 - 1st Prize - Rodrigo Villagraz Grant (Spain)

Selected Press

2017 - Camara Abierta, RTVE [TV + online]

2016 - El País [online]

2016 - The Guardian [online]

2016 - Xataka [online​]

2016 - IMA Japan, Summer issue vol.16 [print]

2016 - British Journal of Photography, issue #7844 [print]

2016 - Fisheye, issue #16 [print]

2016 - Yet Magazine, issue #9 [print]

2016 - ClavoArdiendo [online]

2015 - Monthly Photography Korea [print]

2015 - Forbes (Spanish Edition) [print]

2015 - Ojo de Pez [print]

2015 - El Asombrario [online]

2015 - American Suburb X [online]

2015 - Liberation [print + online]

2015 - Yorokobu [print + online]

2015 - Cadena SER [radio]

2015 - Playground Magazine [online]

2015 - El País [print + online]

2014 - Lens Culture [online]

2014 - ABC [online]

2014 - esRadio [radio]

2014 - CNET [online]

2014 - Liberation [print + online]

2014 - Publico [online]

2014 - Cadena SER [radio + online]

2013 - BBC News ‘In Pictures’ [online]

2013 - FLIP Magazine - Summer Issue [print]

2012 - Troika Editions [online]

2012 - 30y3 [online]

2012 - Cienojos [online]

2012 - Conscientious [online]


2017 - Smartphone Photography for Teenagers​, at PhotoEspaña '17 - Alcalá de Henares, Madrid (Spain)

2017 - New Image-Making Technologies for a Critical Discourse, at EFTI - Madrid (Spain)

2017 - Post-Photographic Practices, at LENS Visual Arts School - Madrid (Spain)

2016 - Occupy The Internet: Photography and Social Networks, at DONE2, Fundación FotoColectania - Barcelona (Spain)

2016 - The New Shape of the Image, at Universidad Complutense - Madrid (Spain)

2015 - PhotoBook Making Masterclass, with Rob Hornstra and Vincent van Baar, at KABK - The Hague (Netherlands)

2015 - Travelling the World Without Ever Leaving Our Room, at GetxhoPhoto Festival - Getxo (Spain)

Talks and Lectures

Coming soon...